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"Trust the process"
Carrington's strength lies in her careful attention to architectural detail, from window casements to ceiling design.  She leads her clients with confidence and discretion through all stages of the project and is known for her refined aesthetic and positive energy.

With her approachability and excellent communication, Carrington has built a dedicated client base and long-standing relationships. She collaborates closely with her clients to translate their dreams into a reality. Carrington is attuned to the small details essential to household functionality, incorporating  bespoke elements that elevate everyday needs.  Where others see ordinary, she can envision extraordinary, executing each project with elegance and ease.

Carrington approaches the business of design with practical knowledge gleaned from her experience of remodeling her own home. At her namesake full-service firm, established in 2000, Carrington is meticulous in her attention to detail and strives to be her client's strongest advocate.  Her previous experience in the fashion industry with notable institutions such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ghurka have sharpened her keen understanding of color and style. A Bay Area native, Carrington finds strength in community and stays true to her roots, raising three active sons and a happy pig in the heart of Silicon Valley. While the designer has long standing connections with local tradespeople and artisans, she credits her grandmother for teaching her to appreciate the beauty of well-designed furnishings and the value of durable pieces that will withstand the test of time.

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